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CBSE Study Material 2020 : Step by Step Guide

CBSE Study Material 2020 : Step by Step Guide


If We talk about CBSE Study material then Question arise that it is for online or offline.if you choose online material then there is lots of question arises and if it is offline then question is different.so now we will see all the thing step by step.


Tips:-Don’t buy all study material from one source.Reason is that if you take all online study material from one place then you will not get subject expert teacher even they say.i mean you can get only one  or two subject expert from one resource.

Example:-if you are looking for 10th online material for icse board then you will not get all subject expert from only byjus or vedantu resource. so if you want study material then you will try to take only one or two subject material from one resource and other from other resources.

video study maerial Books study material(online purchase) Notes of each chapter Mock Test
Advantage (i) if we take online video study material then we get clear concept from basic. (i)We can get online ebook for study. (i)Here you may be get notes from ebook . (i) Get good mock test.
Disadvantage (i) We does not get good video for all chapter or all subject. (i)We does not get good content for all chapter or subject. (i)when we puchase ebook then they give notes but some author does not give it. (i).if exam is online then you can buy.
Suggestion  so purchase different video for different subject. So here is also you can buy different ebooks for different subject. so take ebook from such author who also provide notes (i)If exam is online then purchase online mock test



Class teacher Tution teacher Some friends Mock Test
Advantage (i) Some teacher can suggest good material (i)they can refer good study material  (i)Live example of progress (i) you can buy anywhere but recommended of frends,tution teacher or friends
Disadvantage (i) But some teacher have commission  from book seller.so you can understand that thing (i)no disadvantage (i)No disadvantage (i).No disadvantage
Suggestion  Check Earlier student progress  that was suggested by teacher that you have asked. so Please please follow tution teacher because in most case they give perfect guidance Try to follow that friend. (i)follow school teacher,tution teacher or friends


Benefit of cbse study material:-

  • It builds the basic concepts and clears students doubts.
  • It offers in-depth knowledge of the course curriculum in an easy manner.
  • The sample papers and question papers are provided for students practice
  • Study material is designed strictly as per the latest CBSE syllabus and exam pattern.
  • Study material is created by experts after the depth analysis of the course structure.
  • Study material is provided in simpler language so that students can easily understand it.
  • The sample papers and question papers are provided for students practice.

Want to download Class 10 Free download cbse study material ?

  • Don’t Download Free Material Reason is that if you buy it then there is incomple information as it is 10th std so we should avoid mistake.
  • If you are getting offer for particular one chapter dowload material,then Don’t download as We get confuse from different experities.Follow only one or two experts.


1.Where we will get cbse study material.?

Ans:-you can get it in online or offline mode.

2.Where to purchase it.

Ans:-First Analyse it,then take decision.