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How to Create PPT Presentation in 2020

Now we will see step by step  "how to create ppt presentation" .for creating ppt presentation we should have any version of microsoft office.

ppt presention steps 1
                                                                           1st slide

First you will choose new file in ppt.after choosing new file. you will see above image

In 1st slide you can see title and subtitle box,here you can set your project name, Now for example i will show you project of “icse shares and dividends project “. In step 1  you  will give title “math 10th” and subtitle will be “shares and dividends”.After this you will see following image.

1st slide of ppt presentation
1st slide decorating title and subtitle

Now we will decorate again to 1st slide,in this we will set font color by following steps

  1. Select Text
  2. Click  “Home menu”
  3. Select “font”
  4. Click on “Font Color”

In this case i selected font color for title is “Red” and subtitle is “Blue”


For change font  follow the steps

  • Drag the cursor on text math 10th 
  • click on font and select different font in this example i selected “algerian” font

For change background color of slide follow steps

  • Click on design tab
  • You will get different background color you can choose anything

After doing this you will get following image 

1st slide background color of slide change of ppt presentation
1st slide(background color change)

For creating 2nd slide ,click on home tab and select new slide,after selecting new slide different option will open eg. “COMPARISON,TITLE ONLY,TWO CONTENT ETC.

Now i have selected “Comparision” slide,because i have to compare “face value and market value”. after selecting slide we will get following image.

2nd slide of ppt presentation
2nd slide of ppt presentation

Now we will make 2nd slide more decorative for this we will again click on “desine” and select theme “Foundry”. after this we will get following image.

2nd slide decorative of ppt presentation
2nd slide more decorative

In this way we can make different slide and creating ppt presentation is not hard task

Written by rpstutor contributor