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Revision of Motion and time

As we know that reading Whole chapter is become tough when the student has exam.So Learn Motion and time in short notes.

Rivision of Motion and time
By Rpstutor
  • One who takes the shortest time to cover the distance in 100 metre race has the highest speed
  • The  most convenient way to  find out which of the two or more objects is moving faster is, to compare their distance moved by them in a  unit time.
  • We call the distance covered by an object in a unit time as the speed of the object.
  • Formula of speed =total distance covered/total time taken.
  • If the speed of an object moving along straight  line keeps changing its motion is said to be the non uniform
  • An object moving along a straight line with constant speed is said to be in a uniform motion
  • One of the most well known periodic motion is a simple pendulum

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So Motion and time is not hard topic you can learn easily here.

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