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Hubble telescope

There is many question arises when when we think of hubble telescope.so below is brief description of it in question and answer format.

Q1. In which orbit is it launch?

Ans:- Low Earth Orbit

Q2 when is it  launch?

Ans:- 24 april 1990

Q3:- what is use of it?

Ans:-Astronomer can see clear  views of the universe

Q4:-why it is different from other telescope?

Ans:-Because astronomer can see clear view in infrared and ultraviolet light.

Q5:-History of it?

in early 17th there is problem to see see view of universe.when Galileo was turning a spyglass to the heavens in 1609, he had found  trouble making out the rings of Saturn as it was visible in inexpensive telescopes . in advance optics improved scientists’ views of the planets and stars, but Earth’s atmosphere is  still blocked much of the light for observer that are looking from  ground by telescope. Larger telescopes were placed on high mountains, where atmospheres allow clearer pictures.

in 1923,scientist Hermann Oberth suggested that a telescope can be launch into orbit to help overcome the distortions caused by the atmosphere. As rocket launchings became more commonplace, the idea became feasible, and in 1969, approval was given for the launch of a Large Space Telescope. But its development took longer than preparing for a trip to the moon. and in  1993, the first new images from Hubble reached Earth.

Q6:-image of hubble telescope

hubble telescope image
image credit:NASA


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