Now i will start with example then i will tell you what is let’s start.
If we go to magic room of circus then we will see different mirror.if we look our face in that mirror then we will get different image means our face will look can see image of this girl in mirror.


so now will see magnification defination. if we talk about it then it will be different for different types of mirror.but its main core defination is below

Magnification is nothing but only ratio of the height of image and the height of the object.In physics numerical problems it is represented by letter”m”.
now we will see formulae of “m” of different types of mirror.

  • spherical “m” .it is m=Height of the image/Height of the Object=h’/h. here h is the height of the object and h’ is the height of the image.
  • Now “m” produced by lens is also related to spherical “m”.so it is v/u we know it is related so h’/h=v/u

we can say that magnification means change virtual change in size of image and there is not limit for change in size of image,but it can be control by system resolving power. it’s concept commonly used in microscope,increasing resolution and telescope. increasing resolution is done by digital processor,microscope etc.

By Rakesh