If you are getting problem for any question about math subject,then there are two ways to solve.

1.Split Problem

2 Hire tutor(it may be for any std like 6th,7th or graduation etc).

1.Split Problem

if you are going by this method to solve problem then it may be for any std.we will consider suppose 5th std student is facing problem for simplify question eg. 12+30/15*20+555. for solve this question we should be know basic calculation like +,- /(division) and BODMAS rule. so for learning this you can search google.if you are getting problem in +,- and division then you can google for that only, then you will search in google for BODMAS rule.

so you split it in two thing first for basic operation like +,- ,/ AND Second BODMAS

if you perfect then you can do pratice a lot.then you will be master for solving such type of question.

You can do it for any std. it may be 5th,6th or 12th std.

but it will take time to become expert for particular topic if we have exam in few days.

so What you will do at that time? you are plaining to join coaching class or home tutor