The Buzzword for the post-COVID world: Customer Experience!

If there is one thing which will be witnessing a fundamental shift in the next few days, it is Customer interaction, especially in the post-COVID era, seeking a flawless and clutter-free experience across every digital touchpoint.

To put simply Customer Experience (CX) is how a customer perceives the brand through the interactions across the customer life cycle. Modern digital era's customers are well-informed and hyper connected than ever before. With a growing number of communication platforms, brands are increasingly turning to technology platforms as a way to improve customer experience across channels.

There has been a huge buzz about Customer Experience (CX) emerging as the prime driver and differentiator for growth and sustenance in consumer industry.

But, what exactly is customer experience and what makes for a great customer experience?

Customer experience, also referred to as CX, is your customers’ holistic perception of their experience together with your business or brand. CX is that the results of every interaction a customer has together with your business, from navigating the web site to lecture customer service and receiving the product/service they bought from you. Everything you are doing impacts your customers’ perception and their decision to stay returning or not—so an excellent customer experience is your key to success.

Why is customer experience important for your business?

Delivering an excellent experience is immensely important for any business. Better the experience customers have, the more repeat custom and positive reviews you'll get, while simultaneously eliminating the friction of customer complaints and returns.

Re-imagining CX in the Post-COVID World

At a time when the COVID-19 crisis and nationwide lockdown have threatened the everyday sense of security we are familiar with , businesses can restore some stability and luxury to their client and customer base through dependable, responsive service and organic communication. Following are the checkpoints businesses should consider in order to re-imagine and re-define CX in the post-COVID world.

1. Communication and caring

Take your customer along on the journey. As we begin to navigate the road out of COVID-19, businesses must anticipate transformed customer needs and steel oneself against remnant uncertainty after the crisis has passed. Consumer spending trends have shifted and can remain changed after the worldwide lockdowns are over, with more reserved and cautious behaviours expected. Many individuals are stop from steady income sources as a results of this pandemic, and countless households and businesses are made conscious of their own financial frailty.

2. Customer confidence and focus

Whether you’re a B2B or a B2C firm, strong and consistent branding is an important component of continuity and confidence amid times of change. an efficient communication strategy empowers and establishes your business as adaptable, resilient and committed to supporting customers during a relevant and meaningful way. Doubling engagement is crucial in strengthening connection, with both your employees and clients alike.

3. Humanise the digital world

Customers come across businesses across multiple touchpoints and channels from physical face to face, remote via mail or phone and digital including online and social media. Up so far, a lot of organisations prioritised digital for efficacy. The irony is that now COVID-19 has forced the worldwide adoption of digital tools and remote working environments, it’s not ok to only make those experiences efficient.

4. Forge the tomorrow, together

Turn shared pain into shared gain. Browsing adversity together provides the chance for businesses to deepen their relationship with customers and industry. The proactive and innovative measures companies fancy support clients now will only fortify connections within the future . They'll even pave the way for brands and customers to work together in the coming future.


At strategic level businesses have begun to align their goals with CX at the heart of their brand strategy. Key CX areas are undergoing a huge transformation and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the post-COVID world will witness a remarkable shift in CX landscape with respect to latest technologies like artificial intelligence (AI) enabled CX, and the same is endorsed by the top customer experience trends projected by the industry experts.