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Animal Hormones

We know that hormones in Animals is different from plants hormones.so no we will study hormones in Animals

What is hormones in animals?

Hormones means a regulatory subjstance which are produce in organism for  information transfer.

We know that squirrels when it is in a scary situation,their bodies  prepare for either fighting or running away.so both fighting and runing are different thing and that are done by different hormones.

now we will take second example

suppose if a chemical signal were to be sent , it would reach all cells of the body and provide the” wide ranging changes”. This is done in many animals, including human beings  using a hormone called adrenaline that is secreted from the adrenal glands.so when hormones secreted by adernal glands then it will do particular task in our body.

endocrine Glands in human beings
Image source rpstutor

Now in above figure there is different types of gland and hormones produce are also different.Before Learning glands first we will classified.

So there are two types of glands endocrine glands and exocrine glands .

i)Endocrine glands:-  Endocrine glands are part of your endocrine system. They make hormones and release them into your bloodstream. These hormones control  a number of important functions in our  body for example

          • body growth and development
          • mood
          • reproduction

so Endocrine Glands include:

          • Adernal  glands
          • Pituary glands
          • hypothalamus glands
          • thyroid glands

Now we will see function of some endocrine glands

Adernal glands:-



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