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Home tutors in pune 2020

Top 10 Home tutors in pune 2020

1.   Name:-Snhel kashiva.  ★★★★★(4)

Education:-Msc Math

Experience:-7 years

Document Verified:-yes,she is best home tutors in pune

Subject Teach:-math and Science.

Can Teach in Group?:-yes she can teach.

Std:-She can Teach for 5 th 12th std student for math and science subject .

Address:- Magarpatta,pune

2.   Name:-rahul ramnayak  ★★★★★(3)

Education:-B.E(Computer science)

Experience:-5 years

Document Verified:-yes,he is best home tutors in pune

Subject Teach:-math and Science.

Can Teach in Group?:-yes she can teach.

Std:-He can Teach for 5 th 12th std student for math and science subject .

Address:- kharadi,pune

3.   Name:-Rajesh khare.    ★★★★★(2)


Experience:-4 years

Document Verified:-Yes

Subject Teach:-Science

Can Teach in Group?:-yes he can teach.

Std:-he can Teach for 5 th 12th std student for science subject .

Address:- Kharadi,pune.

4.   Name:-Vikram Sharma   ★★★★★(5)


Experience:-6 years

Document Verified:-yes,he is best home tutors in pune

Subject Teach:-All subject   

Can Teach in Group?:-yes he can teach.

Std:-He can Teach for 5 th 12th std student for all subject.

Address:- Magarpatta,pune

5.   Name:-kunal shimpi   ★★★★★(5)


Experience:-4 years

Document Verified:-yes,

Subject Teach:-All subject   

Can Teach in Group?:-yes he can teach.

Std:-He can Teach for 5 th 12th std student for all subject.

Address:- kharadi,pune

6.   Name:-gajanan jaybhale   ★★★★★(5)


Experience:-5 years

Document Verified:-yes,he is best home tutors in pune

Subject Teach:-All subject   

Can Teach in Group?:-yes he can teach.

Std:-He can Teach for 5 th 12th std student for all subject.

Address:- katraj,pune

Why Need Home Tutors in Pune

Home tutor provide a great platform for the students to grow in their studies. by taking the help of home tutor the students can achieve targeted topic in the subjects they find difficult and they can  clarify all their concepts and doubts. in rpstutor, we bring to you 2060 + verified home tutors that offer comprehensive coaching for all levels. From high school level (VI-X) to the higher secondary level (XI-XII), you can avail coaching for almost all subjects in the comfort of your own home. An average rating of 5-star across 1000 user reviews is a solid testimony to the supreme services provided by our rpstutor specialists.


We know that Students these days have a lot of academic stress and parental pressure. Studying in today’s competitive learning environment isn’t easy for students as they need to perform exceptionally well to stand out from the rest. In such circumstances, students with low concentration level and low grasping ability are the ones who struggle the most to stay in this race. The wisest solution parents could perhaps come up is to take the help of a Home Tutor. Yes, home tutors are among those exceptional educators who provide additional support and guidance to students. you can choose best home tutors in your localities such as Hadapsar, Kothrud ,katraj and more on rpstutor

Frequently Asked Questions:-

1.Score will increase by hiring a home tutor ?

Yes score will increase by hiring home tutor, reason is that We register only experience home tutor that have  working proof and proven record of result.

2.How will increase home tutor confidence?

Home tutor always has particular study format and that format 100% help to student.if student understood the prolem then student confidence will increase automatically.

3.How home tutor will be trusted?

As we hire home tutor in such way that parent should not be get any problem.So we take all necessary document from home tutor and check all the things

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How to Create PPT Presentation in 2020

How to Create PPT Presentation in 2020

Now we will see step by step  "how to create ppt presentation" .for creating ppt presentation we should have any version of microsoft office.

ppt presention steps 1
                                                                           1st slide

First you will choose new file in ppt.after choosing new file. you will see above image

In 1st slide you can see title and subtitle box,here you can set your project name, Now for example i will show you project of “icse shares and dividends project “. In step 1  you  will give title “math 10th” and subtitle will be “shares and dividends”.After this you will see following image.

1st slide of ppt presentation
1st slide decorating title and subtitle

Now we will decorate again to 1st slide,in this we will set font color by following steps

  1. Select Text
  2. Click  “Home menu”
  3. Select “font”
  4. Click on “Font Color”

In this case i selected font color for title is “Red” and subtitle is “Blue”


For change font  follow the steps

  • Drag the cursor on text math 10th 
  • click on font and select different font in this example i selected “algerian” font

For change background color of slide follow steps

  • Click on design tab
  • You will get different background color you can choose anything

After doing this you will get following image 

1st slide background color of slide change of ppt presentation
1st slide(background color change)

For creating 2nd slide ,click on home tab and select new slide,after selecting new slide different option will open eg. “COMPARISON,TITLE ONLY,TWO CONTENT ETC.

Now i have selected “Comparision” slide,because i have to compare “face value and market value”. after selecting slide we will get following image.

2nd slide of ppt presentation
2nd slide of ppt presentation

Now we will make 2nd slide more decorative for this we will again click on “desine” and select theme “Foundry”. after this we will get following image.

2nd slide decorative of ppt presentation
2nd slide more decorative

In this way we can make different slide and creating ppt presentation is not hard task

Written by rpstutor contributor

CBSE Study Material 2020 : Step by Step Guide

CBSE Study Material 2020 : Step by Step Guide


If We talk about CBSE Study material then Question arise that it is for online or offline.if you choose online material then there is lots of question arises and if it is offline then question is different.so now we will see all the thing step by step.


Tips:-Don’t buy all study material from one source.Reason is that if you take all online study material from one place then you will not get subject expert teacher even they say.i mean you can get only one  or two subject expert from one resource.

Example:-if you are looking for 10th online material for icse board then you will not get all subject expert from only byjus or vedantu resource. so if you want study material then you will try to take only one or two subject material from one resource and other from other resources.

video study maerial Books study material(online purchase) Notes of each chapter Mock Test
Advantage (i) if we take online video study material then we get clear concept from basic. (i)We can get online ebook for study. (i)Here you may be get notes from ebook . (i) Get good mock test.
Disadvantage (i) We does not get good video for all chapter or all subject. (i)We does not get good content for all chapter or subject. (i)when we puchase ebook then they give notes but some author does not give it. (i).if exam is online then you can buy.
Suggestion  so purchase different video for different subject. So here is also you can buy different ebooks for different subject. so take ebook from such author who also provide notes (i)If exam is online then purchase online mock test



Class teacher Tution teacher Some friends Mock Test
Advantage (i) Some teacher can suggest good material (i)they can refer good study material  (i)Live example of progress (i) you can buy anywhere but recommended of frends,tution teacher or friends
Disadvantage (i) But some teacher have commission  from book seller.so you can understand that thing (i)no disadvantage (i)No disadvantage (i).No disadvantage
Suggestion  Check Earlier student progress  that was suggested by teacher that you have asked. so Please please follow tution teacher because in most case they give perfect guidance Try to follow that friend. (i)follow school teacher,tution teacher or friends


Benefit of cbse study material:-

  • It builds the basic concepts and clears students doubts.
  • It offers in-depth knowledge of the course curriculum in an easy manner.
  • The sample papers and question papers are provided for students practice
  • Study material is designed strictly as per the latest CBSE syllabus and exam pattern.
  • Study material is created by experts after the depth analysis of the course structure.
  • Study material is provided in simpler language so that students can easily understand it.
  • The sample papers and question papers are provided for students practice.

Want to download Class 10 Free download cbse study material ?

  • Don’t Download Free Material Reason is that if you buy it then there is incomple information as it is 10th std so we should avoid mistake.
  • If you are getting offer for particular one chapter dowload material,then Don’t download as We get confuse from different experities.Follow only one or two experts.


1.Where we will get cbse study material.?

Ans:-you can get it in online or offline mode.

2.Where to purchase it.

Ans:-First Analyse it,then take decision.







CBSE SOLUTION SCIENCE SOUND 9TH 163,165,167,168,169,170

Question: 1 – Explain how sound is produced by your school bell.
Answer:- School bell starts vibrating when heated which creates
compression and rarefaction in air and then sound startes to produce.
Question: 2 – Why are sound waves called mechanical waves?
Answer: Because sound waves do some mechanical work while making
disturbance in medium, hence It is called mechanical wave.
Question: 3 -Suppose you and your friend are on the moon. Will
you be able to hear any sound produced by your friend?
Answer: We know that  sound waves require medium to propagate and there is
no medium present on the moon. So, I will not able to hear the sound of
my friend on the moon.
Question: 1 – Question: 1 – Which wave property determines (a) loudness,(b) pitch?
Answer: (a) Amplitude of sound waves determines loudness. Louder
sound has greater amplitude and vice versa.
(b) Frequency of the sound waves determined pitch of the sound.
Question: 2 – Guess which sound has a higher pitch: guitar or car horn?
Answer: Sound of the car horn has higher pitch.
Question: 3 – What are wavelength, frequency, time period and
amplitude of a sound wave?
Answer: Wavelength: Wavelength is the distance between two
consecutive compressions or rarefaction of wave.
Frequency: The number of sound wave produced in one second is called
Time period: Time period is the time taken to produce one wave of
Amplitude: Amplitude is the maximum displacement along the mean
position of the particles of medium.
Question: 4 – How are the wavelength and frequency of a sound wave
related to its speed?
Answer: The relation between frequency and wavelenth
Velocity (v)=Wavelength(λ)X Frequency (ν), v = λX ν
This means the speed is equal to the product of wavelength and
frequency of the sound wave.
This equation is also called the ‘wave equation’ and applicable to all
types of wave.

Classify the following as motion along a straight line,circular or oscillatory motion:

(i)   Motion of  your hands while runing.

(ii)  Moton of a horse  pulling  on a straight road.

(iii) Motion of a child in a merry-go-round.

(iv) Motion of a child on a see-saw.

(v) Motion of the hammer of an electric bell.

(vi) Motion of a train on a straight bridge.

Then now We will see answer of it

(i)It is Oscillatory motion(when we runing the hands move to and fro and repeat motion after a given interval of time.there fore it is an Oscillatory motion

(ii)It is Straight Line(we know that horse is pulling a cart on a straight road.Therefore,it has a motion along a straight line

(iii)It is Circular motion(Merry-go-round is a circular motion. Therefore, a child sitting inside it will also have a circular motion.
(iv)It is Oscillatory motion(The child on a see-saw  goes up and down continuously.it oscillates up-down Therefore, it is an oscillatory motion)
(v)It is Oscillatory motion(The hammer hits the electric bell and Vibrates rapidly Therefore, it is an Oscillatory motion
(vi) Straight line(The train is moving on a string bridge. Therefore, it has a motion  song a straight line)
so Hope that this answer will help you.
Written by rpstutor contributor.

Animal Hormones

We know that hormones in Animals is different from plants hormones.so no we will study hormones in Animals

What is hormones in animals?

Hormones means a regulatory subjstance which are produce in organism for  information transfer.

We know that squirrels when it is in a scary situation,their bodies  prepare for either fighting or running away.so both fighting and runing are different thing and that are done by different hormones.

now we will take second example

suppose if a chemical signal were to be sent , it would reach all cells of the body and provide the” wide ranging changes”. This is done in many animals, including human beings  using a hormone called adrenaline that is secreted from the adrenal glands.so when hormones secreted by adernal glands then it will do particular task in our body.

endocrine Glands in human beings
Image source rpstutor

Now in above figure there is different types of gland and hormones produce are also different.Before Learning glands first we will classified.

So there are two types of glands endocrine glands and exocrine glands .

i)Endocrine glands:-  Endocrine glands are part of your endocrine system. They make hormones and release them into your bloodstream. These hormones control  a number of important functions in our  body for example

          • body growth and development
          • mood
          • reproduction

so Endocrine Glands include:

          • Adernal  glands
          • Pituary glands
          • hypothalamus glands
          • thyroid glands

Now we will see function of some endocrine glands

Adernal glands:-



Revision of Motion and time

As we know that reading Whole chapter is become tough when the student has exam.So Learn Motion and time in short notes.

Rivision of Motion and time
By Rpstutor
  • One who takes the shortest time to cover the distance in 100 metre race has the highest speed
  • The  most convenient way to  find out which of the two or more objects is moving faster is, to compare their distance moved by them in a  unit time.
  • We call the distance covered by an object in a unit time as the speed of the object.
  • Formula of speed =total distance covered/total time taken.
  • If the speed of an object moving along straight  line keeps changing its motion is said to be the non uniform
  • An object moving along a straight line with constant speed is said to be in a uniform motion
  • One of the most well known periodic motion is a simple pendulum

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So Motion and time is not hard topic you can learn easily here.

Written by rpstutor contributor

cranial nerves sensory and motor

cranial nerves
cranial nerves image by rpstutor

For learning cranial nerves first we should know what is function of cranial nerve.cranial nerves are pairs of nerves that connect brain to different parts of  body like head, neck, and trunk. There are 12 cranial nerves .Each cranial nerves function is different.Every nerve also has a corresponding Roman numeral between I and XII. This nerve location is structure by part as  olfactory nerve is closest to the front of your head, so it’s designated as I.

Their functions are usually categorized as being either sensory or motor. Sensory nerves are those nerve that have  senses, such as smell, hearing, touch. Motor nerves such nerves that controls the movement and function of muscles or glands.

Now we will see the one by one function of each nerve.

  1. The olfactory nerve:-it is sense of smell.
  2. The optic nerve :-it is for vision
  3. The oculomotor nerve:-Provides motor function for all eye muscles
  4. The trochlear nerve:-provides motor function to the superior oblique muscle of the eye.
  5. The trigeminal nerve:-This is the largest cranial nerve and is divided into three branches consisting of the ophthalmic, maxillary and mandibular nerves.
  6. The abducens nerve:- It provides motor function to the lateral rectus muscle of the eye.
  7. The facial nerve:-it provides motor innervation to the muscles of facial expression, lacrimal gland, submaxillary gland, sublingual gland, as well as sensory supply to the anterior two-thirds of the tongue
  8. The acoustic nerve:-provides sen­sory innervation for hearing and equilibrium.
  9. The glossopharyngeal nerve:-Swallowing, sense of taste, and saliva secretion
  10. The vagus nerve:-motor innervation to the heart, lungs, and gastrointes­tinal tract.
  11. The accessory nerve:-motor function to the sternocleidomastoid and trapezius muscles
  12. The hypoglossal nerve:-it is a pure motor nerve that innervates the muscles of the tongue.

Hubble telescope

There is many question arises when when we think of hubble telescope.so below is brief description of it in question and answer format.

Q1. In which orbit is it launch?

Ans:- Low Earth Orbit

Q2 when is it  launch?

Ans:- 24 april 1990

Q3:- what is use of it?

Ans:-Astronomer can see clear  views of the universe

Q4:-why it is different from other telescope?

Ans:-Because astronomer can see clear view in infrared and ultraviolet light.

Q5:-History of it?

in early 17th there is problem to see see view of universe.when Galileo was turning a spyglass to the heavens in 1609, he had found  trouble making out the rings of Saturn as it was visible in inexpensive telescopes . in advance optics improved scientists’ views of the planets and stars, but Earth’s atmosphere is  still blocked much of the light for observer that are looking from  ground by telescope. Larger telescopes were placed on high mountains, where atmospheres allow clearer pictures.

in 1923,scientist Hermann Oberth suggested that a telescope can be launch into orbit to help overcome the distortions caused by the atmosphere. As rocket launchings became more commonplace, the idea became feasible, and in 1969, approval was given for the launch of a Large Space Telescope. But its development took longer than preparing for a trip to the moon. and in  1993, the first new images from Hubble reached Earth.

Q6:-image of hubble telescope

hubble telescope image
image credit:NASA



Now i will start with example then i will tell you what is magnification.so let’s start.

If we go to magic room of circus then we will see different mirror.if we look our face in that mirror then we will get different image means our face will look different.you can see image of this girl in mirror.

Magnification example
example of magnification

so now will see  magnification defination. if we talk about it then it will be different for different types of mirror.but its main core defination is below

Magnification is nothing but only ratio of the height of image  and the height of the object.In physics numerical problems it is represented by letter”m”.

now we will see formulae of “m” of different types of mirror.

  • spherical “m” .it is m=Height of the image/Height of the Object=h’/h. here h is the height of the object and h’ is the height of the image.
  • Now “m” produced by lens is also related to spherical “m”.so it is v/u we know it is related so h’/h=v/u

we can say that magnification means change virtual change in size of image and there is not limit for change in size of image,but it can be control by system resolving power. it’s concept  commonly used in microscope,increasing resolution and  telescope. increasing resolution is done by digital processor,microscope etc.

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Hope that this article clear the concept.

Written by Rakesh