Your Guide to a Design Job in the COVID-19 pandemic

With everything coming to a standstill due to the the COVID-19 lockdown, finding a proper job has become a challenging task for several folks.

Especially for people looking forward to getting started with their careers in 2021.

An ongoing job-hunt and an epidemic bring an important combination.

How so? By now, it's pretty evident that this virus has not just attacked our bodies, but also shaken our economies and stock markets. If an economy plummets into a recession, most folks are in danger of losing our jobs. Especially if you're a job-seeker, checking out employment during a recession is going to be a Herculean task and you would like to have a plan of action in place.

But is it really impossible to seek out a design job within the pandemic?
We don't think so!
So, here are 6 key actions you can take to seek out employment and get your design career started in the COVID-19 pandemic.

So, here are 6 key actions you can take to seek out employment and get your design career started in the COVID-19 pandemic.

01. Smarten up your portfolio

First and foremost, you would like to urge your design resume up to scratch. While you'll got to print work to bring back an interview, we're mainly talking digital here. confirm you employ this space to point out off your best work. Bad or partially finished content will just cause you to look amateur, so filter out any useless works-in-progress that don’t show you during a great light.

02. Network creatively

Social media has definitely made it very easy to network online, but you would like to be smart about how you employ it.
If you are going to incorporate social links on your website, confirm you retain those channels professional. Be yourself, but spruce things up a touch and keep the main target on your work, or industry discussions. you would like to return across as human, but there is no got to bare your soul.
Of course, you're also getting to got to make connections face to face occasionally.

03. Harness your creativity

You need to treat trying to find work and applying for jobs as a design brief in itself. Show that you simply are what you’re trying to portray: creativity.
Let your particular skillset be the driving factor behind what you produce. If you happen to be an aspiring visual designer, make something as visual as you'll. If you’re an illustrator, devour your pencil and paper and switch that into something that represents your style. Skilled in motion graphics? Set about crafting the right showreel that outlines your skills also as your visual experience.
This is your chance to mix the 2 wonderfully indulgent worlds of creativity and narcissism.

04. Use portfolio sites

Behance, Dribbble, DeviantArt, and Cargo are all great tools for getting your compute there. But just uploading some pics to those sites is not any guarantee anyone will check out them. So confirm you furthermore may match your uploads with supporting posts on your personal blog and/or online design portfolio.
It's good to move on the online and use a variety of channels to urge your message out – in any case, you never know where your next opportunity might come from. However, there are some caveats to the present. First, don't prioritise quantity over quality. And second, confirm you are not that specialize in sharing your message at the expense of truly creating amazing work.

05. Get some experience

A lot of people find that paid design internships are an excellent thanks to get a foot into the industry. If you snag an honest one, what you learn and therefore the connections you create are often invaluable. Of course, the trick is popping this into a more long-term gig – and for that, take a glance at our article on the way to transform a design internship into employment .

A slightly extra controversial approach is offering to figure for free of charge or via volunteer work. Many designers might find themselves offering their services out of the goodness of their hearts (and during a bid to urge something into their portfolio), a word of caution here. Working for free of charge has detrimental knock-on effects for the entire industry, so think before you check in .

06. Do your interview prep

Just look the simplest you'll, and keep a touch of your personality in your presentation.
Make sure you prepare some decent material for the day also. The interviewer will have already seen your portfolio, but here's your chance to feature some weight to what you've already shown them. Agencies often wish to present you with a quick to figure on before the interview. If that's not the case, then do something nice you'll leave with them. If you'll relate it to the agency's brand and it shows off your skills, then you’re on to a winner.
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By Rahul